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Which one would a 

business trust?

Have you ever considered if your customer’s software is Genuine? Most of them have because they know pirated software can be extremely harmful to their organization.

If businesses were to discover that their software is pirated, the Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) is the best and easiest way to become legal. GGWA will help them get organized, enhance functionality and legalize their licenses.

In fact, only Genuine Windows and Office can give your customers the safety and reliability they need. Upgrading to Genuine Windows 8 and Office offers organizations more responsiveness, simplicity of use, new possibilities and much more. Office 365 further strengthens their productivity and collaboration with anywhere access and a financially backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Pirated software leaves them vulnerable to security breaches, theft and disclosure. Just one breach can derail operations for a significant amount of time, so don’t have them question their software any longer. The future of their business depends on it.