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Smart Queue Management System.


Queue Pro is the software that manages the queue in any customer interaction point smartly. The process starts with a customer who just pops in the customer care center. The customer will have to select the service he/she is looking for by pressing the options at the touch screen monitor. Once the service type is selected, the system will calculate the number of persons waiting in the queue and their expected service time and will generate a token.

 The customer service officer will get the list of pending customers waiting in their group at his workstation with the description. They will pick the customer in a predefine order and as soon as they serve the current customer, the system will display and announce with voice prompt the token number of next customer who is supposed to be served. The center supervisor will be able to monitor the queue status from his/ her desktop online. The management will get the data and summary of information about the number of customers and service matrix, time and other special reports.

The typical processes of Queue Pro are given in a diagram for your understanding:

Queue Pro is new branding of popular queue management system SmartQ. 

Challenges in queuing at branch

•Service centers frequently face the problem of undisciplined queues; causing tension and stress among both customers and employees which result in a decline in efficiency.
•Non cash service & priority desks remain mostly under utilized.
•Some resources are not optimally performed.
•Customers may need privacy while doing transactions.
•Customers take back home their impressions based on the service quality at the branch.
•While customers & employees remain unhappy; the management does not have enough data to improve customer service & the human resources utilization.

Solution for improvement
The solution is a computerized queue management system. It will place the undisciplined queue in system. However, there are challenges for banks where some branches are spacious with sitting arrangement and some are not.

SmartQ – simplifying your queue
•SmartQ is proven computerized queue management system designed to ensure disciplined & guided customer experience based on segment. It’s advanced algorithm provides solution for branches with / without sitting spaces.
•Easy to implement time based service pledge (8 minute service pledge in Bangladesh)
•Provides options for promoting information among the waiting customers.
•Enables branch manager with statistics on waiting customers
•With advanced administrator module and online reports, SmartQ provides an opportunity to improve branch operation/services to the next level.

Features : Customer end
•Provides touch screen for selecting services.
•Multi-lingual support (Unicode complaint Languages).
•Support single / multiple selection of service/s at the time of dispensing the token.
•Generates tokens with date, branch, token number, list of selected services etc. This is          configurable.
•The Kiosk has flash promotional / compliance messages while idle.
•Generates the audio alerts (voice) and displays the information on the LCD.
•Categorizes the customers with prioritizing the services.