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Building Coverage

Buildings such as hotels, offices and government facilities that need to provide broadband wireless service to their residents, often need to lay a cumbersome infrastructure throughout the building. In a building with 15 floors and 4 wings in each floor, a typical broadband wireless installation may require 60 access points to be deployed. Furthermore, each access point requires a wire line network connection.

Wavion’s building coverage solution is a very cost effective alternative with faster rollout and easier maintenance. By deploying only one or two WBS- base stations from the outside of the building, it is possible to provide coverage in all floors and wings. The WBS base station coverage is so good that it effectively provides connections even to weaker clients such as laptops with embedded Wi-Fi client.

Wavion’s solution offers much lower cost of ownership. The infrastructure costs are lower due to the low number of base stations (CAPEX), and the maintenance costs are reduced from the same reason (OPEX).

Key benefits

  • Provides good indoor penetration, which ensures that rooms and offices throughout the building can be effectively accessed
  • Provides low cost of ownership for infrastructure deployment as well as maintenance
  • Enables easy installation with minimal alignments